Protect Your Smile While You Play With A Sports Mouthguard

Designed to protect your smile during sporting activities, at Dripping Springs Family Dentistry in Dripping Springs, we know that custom-made, professional sports mouthguards can help prevent tooth loss, brain injuries, and more.

How are professional mouthguards different from store-bought versions, and how are they made?

While over-the-counter sports mouthguards are available in one size and don’t offer reliable protection, a professional, customized sports mouthguard is made to comfortably fit your mouth while providing maximum protection during sporting activities.

To create your protective appliance, our team will make a mold of your teeth and bite and will use it to craft a mouthguard that will comfortably fit the unique contours of your mouth.

What are the benefits of professional sports mouthguards?

Sports mouthguards can protect your teeth from chips, fractures, and dislocations. They also help reduce the occurrence and severity of jaw joint injuries, cerebral hemorrhages, and neck injuries and may even reduce the severity of concussions.

Who can benefit from a sports mouthguard?

Patients who take part in contact and non-contact sports activities – including basketball, volleyball, football, hockey, baseball, boxing, skateboarding, and more – should consider wearing a professional mouthguard to reduce their risk for dental injuries.

For more information on our sports mouthguard services, contact Dripping Springs Family Dentistry today! Our experienced team is here to help keep your smile healthy and protected so you can enjoy peace of mind while participating in your favorite activities!


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