Prevent Oral Cancer With Regular Checks

Because your oral health is our primary concern at Dripping Springs Family Dentistry in Dripping Springs, we are committed to providing you with comprehensive preventive care by offering regular oral cancer checks as part of our routine dental exams.

How do we perform oral cancer checks?

During your regular checkup and cleaning appointments, we’ll thoroughly examine your neck, gums, tongue, roof of the mouth, cheeks, and other areas of soft tissue for any signs of redness or discoloration that could be indicative of cancerous cells. We may also use diagnostic technology to gain a more precise look at your oral tissues.

What are the benefits of undergoing regular oral cancer checks?

While there are many benefits associated with these checks, one of the most significant is that they help us catch symptoms of oral cancer in their earliest stages, which increases a patient’s likelihood for a positive outcome while also lessening their potential for severe complications.

Do all patients need these checks?

Yes! While we’ll always perform a thorough examination during your routine hygiene visits, for some patients – including those who use tobacco in any form and have a family history of oral cancer – these checks are even more important. It’s also important that patients who’ve had a new or concerning oral symptom develop see us if the symptom hasn’t healed after two weeks.

Do you have questions about this examination, or do you need to schedule a visit to have one performed? Call us today. Our friendly and compassionate team is here to help you!


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